Welcome to our beta version of MERQARY… where our mission is to give you the tools to unleash your passion for trading and collecting!


Your MERQARY.com account will unlock your Ultimate Trading Card Universe. There is much more to discover on the inside, but here are the basics to your MERQARY.com account…

Trophy Room

Upon signing up you will immediately receive your very own Trophy Room where you can track and showcase your entire collection digitally. No more storing your collection in boxes and losing track of what you have (or don't have).

Have Lists

Within your Trophy Room you can create lists of cards that you have. These are called your 'Have Lists'. You can then sort your cards however you want; by Sport, by Player, by Team, by Set or even by any card attributes (jersey, patch, autograph, rookie). You can name your Lists whatever you like so you can quickly and easily filter to see what cards you have in your collection.

Want Lists

Want Lists are lists of cards that you want to add to your collection. These lists can be created in exactly the same way as your Have Lists and when cards that you want on your Want List become available in the MERQARY Marketplace you will be notified immediately so you'll never miss an opportunity to get what you want!

Automatic Want Lists

With Automatic Want Lists, you can tell the MERQARY system that you want to collect something specific, like one (or more) card attributes (player, team, patches only etc). The system will generate an Automatic Want List based on your set criteria and then add anything that matches your set criteria to your Want List including any new additions/releases).

This means that if you desire (for example) to collect all Michael Jordan cards, you will not need to keep updating your Want List every time a new release hits the market! This want list will be AUTOMATICALLY updated and you will be notified immediately if any of those cards becomes available in the marketplace.

The advantage with the MERQARY site is that we have our very own uniformed and verified card database built from the ground up by collectors. This gives everyone the ability to search and sell cards accurately; effectively removing user input error when listing a card for sale (as a simple example; stopping a Gold card being listed incorrectly as a yellow one or vice versa).

The MERQARY Marketplace

MERQARY has its very own unique Marketplace. Depending on your level of membership, you get an allocated number of 'commission free card sales' per month. Cards that you sell above your commission free card sales per month attract a selling fee as low as 1%.

However keep in mind, if you do sell more cards than your 'free selling limit' in any month, you can upgrade before the end of the month to avoid commission fees.

There are 3 options to sell your cards within the MERQARY platform: Auctions, For Sale (fixed price) and Open to Offers.

We know you're going to love the MERQARY.com platform as it is now…
We also have a 'little black and gold book of secrets' that includes a boatload of features that will be included into the site as quickly as we possibly can build them. So watch this space.

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