Welcome to our beta version of MERQARY… where our mission is to give you the tools to unleash your passion for trading and collecting!
About Us


Imagine this…
A couple of crazy mates who love everything about trading cards and collecting…
Quite a few beers, a bottle of bourbon and a few hangovers…
A long weekend spent mapping out everything we would want (and not want) in an ideal platform to serve the entire collecting and trading card community…
and presto… MERQARY.com is conceived!

A One Stop Trading Card Platform; Purpose-built to serve all the needs of passionate card collectors and traders.

  • A digital Trophy Room where you can upload, track and showcase your entire collection. Don't just hide or store your collection in boxes… know exactly what you have, what it's worth, and show it off in style!
  • A marketplace that is a PERMANENT LIVE CARD market where you can Buy, Sell, Accept Offers or Auction at anytime!
  • No more ridiculously high selling fees. Keep more of your money while you trade!!
  • Commissions on selling as low as 1%!
  • Uniformed and Verified checklists so you know exactly what you have and want!
  • Easily create Have Lists and Want Lists… and you can automate this.
  • Automatic matching of Buyers and Sellers who have what each other wants! So find what you want Quicker, Cheaper and Easier!
  • A platform built by traders and collectors for traders and collectors.
  • And that's just the beginning of what MERQARY.com is ultimately going to be able to do because at MERQARY.com, our passion is your passion, and we want what you want… YOUR ULTIMATE TRADING CARD UNIVERSE!


We are collectors too; we love it and live it. That's where the whole idea of MERQARY came from.

And just in case you're wondering, we called it MERQARY, because (MERCURY) was the ancient Roman God of Trade and we thought that was a bangin' name for the platform.

So, whether you're just picking up your first pack of cards, or you've got boxes in the attic, there's no place like MERQARY.com to bring your collection, and your passion to life.

Because at MERQARY.com our Mission is simple...

To give you the tools to unleash your passion for trading and collecting!